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Storage Solutions

How do our storage containers work?


We deliver your container to you! Take your time loading on your schedule, right in your driveway.  At-home storage gives you the flexibility you need, whether you want easy storage just steps away, or you want to take your time packing and loading. If you need temporary storage, we'll pick up your loaded container and bring it to our yard. When it's time to move, we'll deliver your container to your new home.

Storage Solutions


$80     day/week/month     for a 10ft unit (stored at our shop)

$200   day/week/month   for a 20ft portable container 

$245   day/week/month   for a 40ft container (NOT PORTABLE)

*Our delivery fee for the 20ft portable container is a minimum of $250 one way locally. Call us for a quote for non local delivery. Additional pick up and/or delivery will be charged accordingly.

RV, Boat and Vehicle Storage


Under 15' - $45.00 / month

15' to 19'  - $65.00 / month

20' to  29' - $75.00 / month

30' to  39' - $95.00 / month

40' & over - $150.00 / month

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